Brutal execution of Baluch youth by the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran

🖋️Nawwab Zeinoldini

at least 15 executions in the past month in Baluchistan
We have all witnessed the execution of at least 15 Baloch citizens in Balochistan over the past month, some of whom were not only innocent but had no political or criminal record, but because their relatives belonged to political groups were taken as hostages into prisons, or according to The Islamic Republic officials, they were accused of being anti-regime, and have been executed!

Hassan Dehvari and Elias Qalandar Zehi, the two executed ones openly had stated that the Islamic Republic demanded the surrender of their relatives in order to have them out of prison and scape execution.

As well as Abdul Hamid Mirblochezai, Hamid Rastbala, Kabir Saadat Jahani, Mohammad Ali Arayesh and several others who were executed in recent months, and now Amanullah Baluchi and Abdul Rahim Koohi are in danger of execution, the condition of their release is the surrender of their relatives who have escaped persecution by the Iranian regime outside of Iran! In fact based on Rasank’s new their relatives to save those two innocents’ lives have surrendered themselves but all are kept in Zahidan prison’s torture cells.

And now the question is that why the Islamic Republic is terrified in Balochistan and kills Balochs on roads, streets and farms where the number of executed Baloch youth is more than any other nationalities in Iran?
Is this a new wave of extra judicial killings and discriminations? Or does the Islamic Republic by creating such horrors, wants to terrorize native people of Balochistan and create settlements for non-natives? Or perhaps intending to marginalize the Baluch people from their homeland even harsher?!
Such incidents occur when human rights organizations and some news agencies do not cover them, so that the Islamic Republic can execute the Baloch youth without fear, or shoot them in public or lead them to death.

These executions and arbitrary shootings by the Islamic Republic must be considered as the Islamic Republic of Iran’s most shameful acts of the current century!
Apart from the arbitrary execution by the Iranian regime, prison officials, who receive orders from higher authorities, brutally torture Baluch citizens before executing them by hang, which shows the Islamic Republic’s hatred towards the Baluch people.

And what is important and should be said, is that the Revolutionary Guards have a significant role in killing of Baluch citizens who are just protected directly by the supreme leader of Iran Mr Khamenei and receive the orders from his office.

So, let us reject this organ and not remain silent in front of it, and do not let this terrorist organ trick us with its tricks and cause the execution of you and me.

In the hope that one day the Baloch nation will achieve its right of national sovereignty and will hold its destiny in its own hands, it is needed to stand together with unity and solidarity and show the world our endurance and courage.

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