October 2020 newsletter

1- On 29 September 2020, IRGC(Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) intelligence agents arrested three Baloch trustees of Geh city, Haji Karim Bakhsh Zeinodini, Mahmoud Jangi Khan, and Abdullah Javshiri, for failing to cooperate in finding several defendants.

2- On 30 September 2020, a border guard named Behrouz Herati Moghaddam was killed by a landmine planted by the Revolutionary Guards in Shastoun, border of Pakistan.

3- On 5 October 2020, Security officers arrested Salem Jadgal at his house in Chahbar city and was taken to an unknown location.

4- Three Baloch citizens Alim, Yousef and Parviz Shahdousti were sentenced to death in Kahnooj prison on charges of clashing with military forces.

5- Hafez Abdollah Mollazahy, the director of the seminary of Manbae-el-oloum of Kohvan in Sarbaz city, was summoned to the Dozap Intelligence Office by phone without giving any explanation.

6- On 9 October 2020, three Baloch citizens who had gone to the mountains to find their sheeps, were arrested and beaten by anti-narcotics forces in the city of Sab Souran. The identities of these three Baloch citizens are Aref Damani, son of Shahdad, Alahdad, son of Dad Mohammad, and Nazir Ahmad son of Adam.

7- On October 10, 2020, Mofti Mohammad Ghasem Ghasemi was summoned and interrogated by the Dozap Intelligence Office for his criticism of the imprisonment sentence of Molavi Kouhi (six years and four months).

8- On 12 October 2020, the agents of Mersad beat a Baloch citizen named Mohsen Lalah Zahi from Pashamag village of Rask city near the border, which caused him to lose the sight of one of his eyes.

9- On 12 October 2020, a Baloch boy named “Mahmoud Raisi”, the son of Zakir from the village of Yaqub Zehi, at Pollan suberb, drowned in the water of Houtag and lost his life.

10- On October 13, 2020, a baloch citizen named Mehrshad Brahovi was executed in Ghahen city prison in South Khorasan province on charges of carrying drugs.

11- On October 15, 2020, two Baloch fuel transporter named Mohammad Rostamzadeh, son of Ebrahim and Ali Ashourinia, residents of Groug, area in Sirik city, were killed and wounded after being shot by the Sirik naval forces. In this indiscriminate shooting, Mohammad Rostamzadeh died on the spot. In response to the shootings, on October 16th, people closed the Grog to Bangolan route and set fire to tires.

12- On October 16, 2020, the intelligence forces killed a baloch citizen named Mohammad Khaki Zahi, the son of Pir Mohammad, on suspicion of carrying drugs in Hyzabad area of Meges city, and fled the scene.

13- On October 16, 2020, IRGC intelligence agents arrested two Baloch citizens named “Yaser and Nusrat Roy” after beating their son Mohammad and confiscating their property. These citizens were released on 50 million Tomans bail.

14- On 17 October 2020, a Baloch citizen named Sohrab Balochi from Sarmich was shooted several times in in his leg and assassinated in front of the police station in Espeke,. The ambolance carrying him was attacked again by the same people while he was being transported to hospital, he died from a gunshot wound.

15- At least ten Baloch citizens who were arrested on October 10, 2020, after being attacked by military forces in their home and goods depot, were detained by security forces and their confessions were taken in front of the camera.

16- On October 17, 2020, the border guards of Rutak, Mirjave city, shot dead by direct firing on a Baloch fuel truck driver named Davood Rakhshani from “Rig Malek”.

17- On October 17, 2020, a student of Salman Farsi seminary school in Negor named Saeed Balar, son of Abu Bakr, was summoned to the intelligence department of Geh city and interrogated and threatened with arrest. He was charged with religious activity in cyberspace.

18- On October 17, 2020, targeted shooting by police in the Geh district of Geh wounded a Baloch student in the leg named Noor Mohammad Salahzehi, son of Ali from the village of Ronag.

19- On 18 October, 2020, the car of a Baloch driver named “Maduk” from Kaserkand city overturned due to the pursuit of law enforcement officers in Lirdaf, Jashk city, the driver survived.

20- On October 21 October 2020, the houses of the people of Manzelap village in the “Korin” subdivision of Dozap city were destroyed with the support of security and military forces under the pretext of “national lands”.

21- On Friday, 22 October 2020, a car belonging to a Baloch citizen named Imran Jashireh, son of Dadu from the village of “Jamaat Zahi”, was attacked by unknown gunmen at a Jadouzahi crossroads in the Pollan suburb of Dashtiari county, he lost his life.

22- On October 23, 2020, after the failure to seize a car in Mirjave, the military forces raided the driver’s house and caused damage to the car and the house.

23- On 24 October 2020, security forces kidnapped Abdullah Askani, the niece of Molavi Fazlorahman Koohi.

24_ On October 24, 2020, a Baloch fuel truck driver named “Maher Siahkhani” crashed his car at Magas to Pahre crossroad and lost his life.

25- On Sunday, 25 October 2020, the military forces shot and killed a Baloch fuel truck driver named Nezar Dehghani, son of Gowahram, from the village of “Kahir Borz” in the Dashtiari district, near the village of Jakigor, which was carrying an empty fuel gallons.

26_ On 25 October 2020, a Baloch fuel truck driver overturned on the Rigan-Rahmatabad highway and its driver lost his life. The identity of the driver is unknown.

27- On Friday, 30 October 2020, a 17-year-old Baloch fuel truck driver named “Mohammad Amin Raisi”, the son of Isaq from the city of “Jalk” in the city of Shastun, was killed as a result of being chased by security agents and his motorcycle overturning.

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